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Implants an artificial tooth root replacement, upon which a long-term crown is made, most esthetic and tooth conserving. Implant involves outside lab and periodontal work.


Veneer is a custom tooth facing for front or back teeth to enhance esthetics and smiles. Our office uses only the latest brand name non-metal materials for our various crowns and veneers. All work is fabricated locally in high-end dental labs.

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White Fillings

White composite fillings are a tooth colored material for cavities and cosmetic improvement.

Fixed Bridge

Fixed Bridge is a custom artificial tooth fused between 2 crowns to replace missing tooth. A long term solution, involves more tooth shaping and outside lab work.


Onlay is a partial crown that replaces part of the tooth. Custom fit, durable and esthetic.

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Lab Fabricated Crown

Lab Fabricated Crown is a custom tooth shaped cap cemented onto a tooth

Night Guard

A custom protective appliance worn at night to prevent excessive tooth wear from bruxism,(grinding)

Gum Therapy

Treatment to remove plaque and tartar from teeth to fight gum disease. Level of treatment is determined by amount of infection. Ranging from simple prophies (‘cleaning’ ) to full quadrant scaling.

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