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Sugar Free Treats To Beat Summer Heat

Ice-cold bubbly sodas and ice cream are two popular treats to help cool off on hot summer days. But, they are usually full of added sugar that can lead to tooth decay and other health problems. Nipomo dentist, Dr. Perry Patel has a list of ideas for sugar-free and sugar reduced treats that are just…
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Dental care on the go

These days it feels like everyone is on the go, constantly moving and busy. Some people love the pressures of a busy life, but there can be a few drawbacks, especially to oral hygiene habits. After all— can't brush our teeth in the car, right? Pismo Beach dentist, Dr. Perry Patel believes good dental habits…
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Nipomo dentist, Dr. Perry Patel, debunks anti-flossing myths

“Only dentists like to floss!” is probably the most common myth, but definitely not true. What are the other common myths about flossing? Here is how Nipomo dentist, Dr. Patel, explains why these myths are not true and why flossing is crucial to a lifetime of dental health. Flossing makes my gums bleed It’s not…
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Tips for staying flu-free and healthy

Flu season is not the only time of year to be concerned, even though some years promise to particularly threatening. Staying healthy and keeping family healthy year around is important to everyone including Dr. Perry Patel, family dentist in Grover Beach. Dr. Patel has assembled a list of 10 ways you can keep your family…
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