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Good oral hygiene is essential for child dental care. Habits including proper brushing, flossing and diet are essential in maintaining a healthy smile. For younger children parental assistance is crucial. Primary teeth are extremely important. Premature loss of baby teeth upsets the balance of space, as well as chewing surfaces in the mouth. Dental disease when untreated can lead to infection, abscess and pain. Healthy primary teeth can result in healthy permanent teeth.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Composite Fillings are white.  These can be used on baby teeth as well as adult teeth. They are more esthetically appealing.

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A sealant is a plastic material bonded to the chewing surface of back teeth. It acts as a barrier to minimize cavity formations. Generally we seal all 1st and 2nd permanent molars, primary teeth can be sealed if parents request it.

Stainless Steel Crowns

These crowns are placed on teeth unable to support fillings. They are used mostly in the back of the mouth. They are comfortable, strong, and used on permanent teeth as a long-term restoration until a lab fabricated crown can be placed. We experience a high success rate with our stainless crowns especially when combined with healthy diet and good oral hygiene. Stainless steel crowns are placed the day of treatment.


Pulpotomies are another very common pediatric dental procedure. When dental decay penetrates the nerve and the tooth has not abscessed a pulpit is completed. The infection portion of the nerve is removed, and treated with a sedative sterile medication. The tooth is then restored with either a composite, or a stainless steel crown. Pulpotomies have high success rate, but occasionally can fail due to extensive decay or nerve inflammation. Failure of a pulpotomy requires extraction of the tooth.

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Pulp Cap

When the tooth has a deep cavity a sedative material is placed in between the tooth and the filling to protect the nerve of the tooth. Often these teeth have to be monitored to check the status of the nerve.


Extraction, or removal of the tooth is recommended for a number of reasons. Sometimes the decay is too large to save the tooth, often the tooth is already abscessed, sometimes the tooth needs to be removed to make room for other erupting teeth. We will occasionally send children to have extractions performed by a specialist oral surgeon.

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Space Maintainers

When the primary tooth has to be extracted early, the balance of the mouth can be affected. Teeth will move and close off spaces, and prevent proper eruption of the permanent dentition. Space maintainers or ‘spacers’ allow the space to be kept open. It is custom made to fit your child’s mouth. Spacers can prevent severe orthodontic problems in the future.

Nitrous Oxide

We use ‘giggle air’ to help patients become more comfortable and cooperative. Often times we use it instead of a local anesthetic. Nitrous oxide is always administered with oxygen. It is a mild safe aid in calming a nervous patient.

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