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Child Dental Care

A child’s dental care starts in infancy, setting the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. Good dental habits start at a few days old by gently cleaning baby’s gums and instilling proper brushing and flossing routines as the child matures. For younger children, parental help and guidance for daily brushing and flossing is crucial. A good diet is another important factor in lifelong oral health.

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Dr. Patel’s goal is to start your child on a lifetime of good dental habits and health, but when dental attention is needed, your child receives the best of care. Dr. Patel uses “giggle air” (nitrous oxide) to help young patients be more comfortable and relaxed. Often times it is used instead of a local anesthetic. Nitrous oxide is always administered with oxygen. It is a mild safe aid in calming a nervous child.

Dr. Patel’s dental services for children includes:

  • Consultation and education for both child and parents
  • Examinations and cleaning
  • When necessary, Dr. Patel is able to preserve your child’s teeth through a wide selection of advanced dental procedures designed for children, including fillings, space maintainers, crowns and other restorative procedures especially for children.


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