Arroyo Grande Dentist, Dr. Perry Patel, Publishes ‘The Story of Our Teeth’

–“We sometimes take out teeth for granted,” said Arroyo Grande dentist Dr. Perry Patel. “Other than daily brushing and flossing, and regular checkups we seldom think about our teeth unless it’s baby’s first tooth, that first visit from the tooth fairy, or a troublesome wisdom tooth.” Our teeth help us chew, speak, smile and have…
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Your Avila Beach dentist and your health

It’s more than just nagging when the dentist says, “Brush and floss daily. Get your teeth cleaned. Get a good dental exam.” Dr. Perry Patel, the family dentist in Avila Beach, reports that a dentist’s primary concern during a dental checkup is making sure there are no cavities, damaged teeth, gum disease or other oral…
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