Your Avila Beach dentist and your health

It’s more than just nagging when the dentist says, “Brush and floss daily. Get your teeth cleaned. Get a good dental exam.” Dr. Perry Patel, the family dentist in Avila Beach, reports that a dentist’s primary concern during a dental checkup is making sure there are no cavities, damaged teeth, gum disease or other oral…
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Why is it important to replace missing teeth?

There is a difference between natural tooth loss during childhood and adult tooth loss. Childhood tooth loss, unless tooth is lost to an injury, is a natural process when the body is growing new teeth. Dr. Perry Patel, the Pismo Beach dentist, believes it is important for people to understand the differences between natural childhood…
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What to do when your favorite food stains your teeth

Everyone loves having a bright, white smile. But we all love our favorite foods and beverages, too. Some of the foods we love the best can stain our teeth over time and our smiles are not so bright after a while. Not to despair! Dr. Perry Patel, the dentist for Arroyo Grande, has some tips…
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