Tips on how to deal with teeth grinding

Sleeping in the same room as a tooth grinder can make for uncomfortable and nerve wrecking nights. “If you wake up with extremely sore jaws and teeth, then you may be a sleep grinder,” says Shell Beach dentist Dr. Perry Patel. Teeth grinding is known clinically as bruxism. This can develop at any age and…
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Top ten dental cleaning tips from Dr. Patel, DDS

Studies have shown that someone’s smile is often the first thing that people notice. But how does one make sure that their smile is the best that it can be? Here, Dr. Perry Patel, DDS, shares his ten top tips to keep your smile tiptop: 1) Get a new toothbrush every two to three months.…
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The impact cutting sugary drinks has on dental health

A new study published in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry states that soft drinks and fruit juice are the most significant factor contributing to dental erosion. The Journal of Dentistry found that drinking fruit juice, soda, and diet soda regularly showed an almost 85-percent decrease in enamel density when compared to drinking water and…
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