What your mouth can tell you about your health


Pismo beach dentist–Your mouth can be a good indicator of your overall health. Here, Grover Beach dentist Dr. Perry Patel, DDS, shares what your mouth can tell you about whats going on inside your body:

Tooth sensitivity
Sensitivity can be an indicator of a cavity, which, left untreated, can create an infection. If the infection becomes serious enough, a root canal could be required.

A sharp pain in your top teeth
Sore teeth don't always signify cavities of tooth decay. When you have a sharp pain in your top teeth, it could also be sinus infection. Your dentist should be able to conduct an x-ray and see if any infection exists.

An irregular tongue
The tongue is an organ that does more than just help you chew, taste, swallow and speak, and it can also serve as a barometer of your health. It can provide signs of health issues that might not be picked up by most medical tests.

A tongue that is covered with a white film could signify a yeast overgrowth in the body. A black or hairy looking tongue could indicate cancers or diabetes. A red tongue could indicate a fever, a vitamin deficiency, or strep throat. Normal tongue irregularities include worn down taste buds, as well as crevices in the tongue. A healthy tongue should be pink.

The link between gum disease and heart disease
While there is still no concrete evidence that one ailment correlates to the other, it is often observed that in many patients with who have heart disease, gum disease is also present. The correlation could be attributed to the fact that people who take care of their physical health, and therefore prevent heart disease, also take care of their teeth. The correlation could go beyond that though. One thing is for sure though, a healthy mouth can certainly promote overall better health.

Mouth or tongue sores
Sores on the inside of your mouth could indicate that you are overly stressed. They can also pop up with changes in immune status, or certain medications. Vitamin deficiencies, such as a lack in the B Vitamins, iron, folic acid or zinc, can also create flare ups. In some cases, certain foods can also create canker sores. Sometimes, some STD's can also create mouth sores. Larger legions or lumps could indicate something more serious, potentially even oral cancer.

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