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Dr. Perry Patel, DDS established his dental practice to serve his patients in Grover Beach and the Central Coast. Living on the Central Coast since youth, Dr. Patel continues his commitment to the community and to patient care that has earned the trust of hundreds of local residents.

The experienced, friendly and professional staff is committed to expert care for everyone from a brand new baby to the patient with the most birthdays. Dr. Patel helps parents learn how to start an oral health regime for their new baby and provides care for everyone:

  • Consultations, examinations, and cleaning
  • Teeth whitening, bonding and veneers
  • Implants, crowns, bridges and onlays
  • Extractions when necessary

Dr. Patel is committed to provide everyone with the best dental care available along the Central Coast, including Grover Beach. Choosing the right dentist for complete dental care in Grover Beach is a very important decision. We are happy that you have decided to inquire about Dr. Patel.

About Grover Beach

Grover beach, in San Luis Obispo County, was founded in 1887 and named after its founder, D.W. Grover. As of the 2010 census the population is 13,156.

Grover filed his plans at the San Luis Obispo County Court House and eventually founded what was to be known as City of Grover City. There was a popular vote that allowed incorporating on December 21, 1959 as City of Grover City. However, the name seemed redundant so some people sought better names, especially ocean-oriented names. In 1992, there was another popular vote, in which the town's name was officially changed from "City of Grover City" to "Grover Beach" to emphasize the seaside location.

Popular things to do in Grover Beach:

  • Rent an ATV for a ride on the beach, golf or skydive
  • Good food and fun nightlife
  • Gift and specialty shops
  • Tour the area, choosing from a variety of tour companies

The Grover Beach Amtrak station is the only train station in the Five Cities area and is located adjacent to Pismo State Beach. Amtrak buses depart from the stop situated directly across the tracks. San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority operates additional buses that run from Grover Beach to most cities in the county.

The GPS coordinates for Grover Beach are: 35°7′15″N 120°37′10″W. The city extends from Arroyo Grande in the east to Pismo State Beach. The region experiences warm and dry summers with an average temperature around 70-degrees F.

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