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dentist Shell Beach

Dr. Patel and his staff are proud to provide Shell Beach dentist services. Dr. Patel’s complete dental care services in Shell Beach the most up to date procedures and technologies for:

  • Children’s dentistry
  • Adult dentistry
  • Emergency appointments. You don’t need to be a current patient.
  • Regularly scheduled consultations, examinations and cleaning
  • Restorative technologies that brighten your smile including whitening, veneers, bonding, implants, bridges, crowns and more.

Dr. Patel has lived on the Central Coast for most of his youth, his entire adult life and is raising his family here. His commitment to the Shell Beach and Central Coast community is continuing to enhance his dentistry skills by continued training to bring his patients the latest advances in dental treatments, technologies and equipment.

From routine check-ups and cleanings to cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening, Dr. Patel helps all of his patients enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Parents, children and everyone can find comfort in knowing that Dr. Patel’s experienced office staff are your partners in achieving that perfect smile.

About Shell Beach

The neighborhood of Shell Beach was originally the site of a Chumash village, and significant archaeological sites are located in the area. Shell Beach became agricultural land, mostly pea fields. Developer Floyd Calvert bought and developed the area in 1926. Calvert paid $45,OOO for 41 acres between the ocean and the highways, opened offices in the area and began selling land to people seeking summer retreats from the hot San Joaquin Valley.

During the depression, Calvert, who had been a builder in Hollywood, lost all his property except for Shell Beach. He had such faith in this area he thought if he could hold on to this land, someday people would realize its worth.

It took Calvert 20 years to sell the first 456 lots on the Shell Beach land he owned. But shortly before and after World War II Calvert began to have more success selling lots. During World War II many soldiers had trained in California. They liked the climate and wanted to live in the area. It was then that Shell Beach changed from a resort area for residents of the San Joaquin Valley to a residential community.

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