Let's face it, no one wants to go to the dentist. I am so bad, I'll let a cavity go unchecked until it's past being saved with a root canal and needs to be pulled.
However I have a lot of cavities that needed attention and I can't go around toothless, so I needed to get them checked out.

I wound up here with my insurance and really liked my experience here so far. Staff and doctor are all great and professional. They have a monitor over the dental chair and a subscription to Netflix and you can watch whatever you want while having your teeth worked on.
Of course whenever they came at me with the needle, my eyes are shut tight even though I can't feel any pain. Still it's nice to use it as a distraction!

If you are a new patient you get a free Phillips Sonic Care toothbrush! I love mine! I'll never waste money on the battery operated kinds ever again!

Still not a fan of dentists but this place makes it easier to take good care of your teeth!

Crystal Z.,