Arroyo Grande Dentist Releases Report On Preventative Measures For Cavities

–Dr. Perry Patel, an Arroyo Grande dentist whose offices range along the Central Coast, has recently released a report detailing five methods to prevent cavities. These quick tips can easily be incorporated into daily dental health.

To view the report, click here or see below:

Five Easy Ways To Prevent Cavities

Having a cavity can be an unpleasant experience. Cavities form when sugar mixes with bacteria in the mouth, and the resulting acidic mixture then eats away at teeth until a painful cavity forms and starts to interrupt daily habits. Cavities can cause toothache, lead to tooth decay, and in untreated cases, result in tooth loss. In order to prevent cavities from occurring, here are five simple ways to ensure healthy oral habits.

  1. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride helps build up tooth enamel, making it more difficult for the sugary acid to eat away at teeth. Brush using toothpaste with fluoride twice a day and after meals. Fluoride can also be found in some mouthwashes and tap water.
  2. Reduce the sugar in diets. A high amount of sugar in the mouth, especially when it becomes trapped or covers the teeth, poses more of a risk of receiving a cavity. Food such as hard candy, soda, and sugary sports drinks eat away at enamel quicker than food such as cheese, nuts, and fish. Sugar should not be completely eliminated from the diet; instead, it should not be eaten in excess.
  3. Stock up on sugar-free gum. The presence of increased saliva production due to gum chewing will help “clean” teeth after a sugary meal. However, sugar-free gum should not be a substitute for daily brushing, flossing, and dental appointments.
  4. Consider the effects of getting dental sealants. This plastic coating is normally placed on the back molars, which are known for capturing food particles and harder to remove using a toothbrush. These sealants will cover the back molars so food particles will not be trapped and therefore become a high risk for cavity formation.
  5. Make sure to visit the dentist twice a year for a regular checkup. These essential checks are a preventative measure in looking for cavities, gum disease, oral health, and more.

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