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Debunking Anti-Flossing Myths

May 18, 2020

“Only dentists like to floss!” is probably the most common myth, but definitely not true. What are the other common myths about flossing? Here is how Nipomo dentist, Dr. Patel, explains why these myths are not true and why flossing is crucial to a lifetime of dental health.

Flossing makes my gums bleed

It’s not the flossing that makes gums bleed. It’s the plaque that builds-up between teeth, irritating the gums.

It’s not the flossing that makes gums bleed. It’s the plaque that builds-up between teeth, irritating the gums. Flossing loosens and removes plaque and flossing might irritate the gums at first. After around a week of consistent, daily flossing, enough plaque is removed that the gums are not as irritated and bleeding will stop. If bleeding continues past that first week contact your dentist. Something else may be causing the bleeding.

Flossing will hurt my crowns and fillings

Again, this one has no real basis in reality. Plaque still forms around crowns and fillings. Fillings and crowns are designed to stand up to good brushing, flossing and regular dental cleanings. Flossing will definitely do more good than harm!

My teeth are too close together to floss

A fun fact that Nipomo dentist, Dr. Patel, wants to share is that there is more than one kind of floss. There are different grades, sizes, and shapes. If you think your teeth are too close together, just try a different kind of floss until you find the one that fits the best with your teeth. Try some of the many varieties. Try the flatter, tape-like variety. Try a thin flavor-waxed variety.

I can’t floss with braces

It may be harder, but you can definitely still floss with braces. If you are having trouble flossing around braces, make an appointment to get a demonstration and instructions for flossing. Braces are important, and it’s just as important to keep your teeth brushed and flossed for a healthy happy mouth.

I use a mouthwash regularly, so I don’t need to floss

You still need to floss. A good mouthwash and rinse routine is crucial to good oral health, any dentist will tell you that, but it is no replacement for a good flossing. Floss, then rinse and spit. And you’ll have the dream-like smile you’ve always wanted!

Read more about flossing on Dr. Patel’s Nipomo dentist link to “How to floss teeth.”

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